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Acityabode @ Century Wharf Vicarage Mews @ Acityabode Century Wharf Serviced Apartments
Acityabode @ Century Wharf
11-12 Crichton House, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff
Vicarage Mews @ Acityabode
Conway Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff
Century Wharf Serviced Apartments
Dumballs Road, Cardiff
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Novotel Cardiff Centre Cardiff Marriott Hotel ML Lodge
Novotel Cardiff Centre
Schooner Way - Atlantic Wharf, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff
Cardiff Marriott Hotel
Mill Lane, Cardiff
ML Lodge
108 St Mary Street, Cardiff

With it being the capital of Wales you would rightly anticipate that there would be Cardiff hotels to suit every potential budget and a quick search on the internet shall let you see that this indeed the case. If you are willing just spend a bit of time looking through the various options there is no reason why you cannot end up with the perfect hotel at a price you love for your stay in the city.

So the internet is extremely useful when it comes to not only finding Cardiff hotels but also booking them so you are best to sit down one night and start to search using your required criteria. There are websites that act as portals for a large number of them and they let you search according to the price range you wish to look for so of course you need to therefore know how much you would be willing to spend in the first place.

These websites do tend to offer a reasonable amount of information about the different Cardiff hotels and it is usually enough for you to be able to decide if it should appear on a potential short list or not. They do also have several photographs of different parts of the hotel so it is reasonable to assume that you will be able to come to some kind of a conclusion about whether it actually is going to be suitable.

It is also a good idea to then look at the official sites of those Cardiff hotels that make it on to your short list so you can then learn a little bit more about them before getting to the point of making any booking. Their official site is going to tell you a lot more about what they offer and they do tend to have more photographs to look at and once you have done this you should know if it is still somewhere that you would like to stay.

As with a lot of other things references are always good to get and when it comes to Cardiff hotels the best thing to do is check out websites operated by other tourists. You shall find that tourists are very good at leaving comments about their experiences, both good and bad, so look around for various postings in order to get some kind of an idea about what it is actually like to stay there beyond the obvious sales material from their website.

When it comes to actually booking one of the many Cardiff hotels you can either do it through their own website or go back to the hotel portal. However just before you do that check to see if there are any discount codes that can be entered at checkout to save you a bit of money and these may apply to either the general site or the actual official site of the hotel.

By choosing to stay at one of the many Cardiff hotels you are basing yourself in a city with lots of various things to see and do no matter your age. There are enough family orientated attractions to keep kids of all ages busy then you can also explore castles and other historical locations in order to learn how the city has developed over the centuries.

One of the most popular reasons why people may look at booking into one of the many Cardiff hotels is due to visiting a sporting event in the city with the world class rugby stadium which also hosts international football matches. The entire city was designated as a city of sport in 2009 and it also holds a number of smaller events so if you are looking at booking into a hotel for a stay do check to see if your visit coincides with any big sporting event as it is going to have an impact on what is available.

The city is well known for its entertainment so you shall always find various shows, plays, and musicians playing at different venues across the city. There are various guides that you can consult in order to see what is on or alternatively you can just pop in to some of the smaller venues and see what kind of entertainment you may come across.

For some more strenuous ways to pass the days you can perhaps hire a bicycle and cycle along the Taff Trail or Barrage coastal path and get some exercise and country air. Alternatively you may wish to take a boat ride out to explore Flat Holm Island and luckily the water should be relatively smooth which is very good news for those that do not really have their sea legs.

There are various tour guides available in the city or even further afield who can take you on tours and teach you all about the city or the area. These kinds of tours are very good as they give you a brief glimpse of what is there and you can then make a note of which things you might like to go back and explore in more detail and they are always reasonably priced considering the amount of information you can pick up whilst on them. The area has a number of castles and country homes for you to explore with them dating to various periods but do check how much it costs to visit them as it can end up being quite costly.

So you can therefore see that when you are looking at potentially booking into one of the many Cardiff hotels the easiest way to do this is through the internet. It can all be done in the one night but do try and book well in advance so you can get the exact hotel that you want and as was mentioned earlier pay particular attention to any potential clashes with major sporting events. There is a lot to do in the city and it also acts as a good base to explore more of Wales so there is every chance that you shall really enjoy your stay in the capital of Wales.